Improving business performance through the
effectiveness and development of people

The Assessment Partnership offers a range of services in the following areas

Response Management

We offer a comprehensive Response Management service for positions at all levels from operational roles through Graduates to Senior Managers.

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Assessment Centres

One of the most reliable selection approaches, Assessment Centres have grown in popularity in recent years.

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Personality Questionnaires and Ability tests provide a valuable insight into an individual’s potential, capabilities and style of working in both selection and development situations.

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Competency Frameworks

The Assessment Partnership has extensive experience in the design and development of bespoke Competency Frameworks.

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Learning and Development


An understanding of the assessment process and the skills to carry out interviews and assessments are key to successful selection decisions.

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Team Development Sessions

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool can provide a valuable framework for understanding the differences that each team member brings to the team.

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Development Centres

A development centre is a series of simulation exercises and other assessment/development tools that help an organisation to:

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The processes, systems and techniques used to recruit and select people play a critical role in ensuring that the right fit between individuals and organisation is achieved.

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Attracting, retaining and developing a productive workforce for:

  • Which
  • Thales
  • Mondelez
  • airwave
  • zenith
  • severn trent water
  • Bristish Sugar
  • Santander