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The Assessment Partnership published their book the Which? Guide “Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them” in 2009.

Tough Interview Questions

We find ourselves in a rapidly changing job market. It is one that is increasingly competitive with many applications for each vacancy and employers looking for a wide variety of skills and qualities. In such a challenging environment it is critical that candidates are able to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate their skills, experiences and qualities effectively and answer interview questions confidently.

This book can be the secret to their success – with over 400 interview questions it will give candidates an understanding of the questions you may be asked and valuable guidance on how to answer them. In addition, there is a chapter dedicated to assessment centres explaining what they are, what to expect and how to prepare for them.

Written by us, as recruitment professionals, who work with organisations of all types and sizes, in the public and private sectors and across all industries it provides a realistic guide to the questions that are being asked by employers and ones that they want to hear a good answer to.

It may also provide useful guidance on questions that could be used by interviewers who are inexperienced or unsure of how to successfully assess candidates for their vacancies.

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