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The Assessment Partnership have a range of “off the shelf” assessment exercises that are suitable for use in both assessment and development centres and across a range of staff levels. The exercises are set in a variety of industries and are designed for use at all levels of an organisation.

Each of our assessment exercises comes with all the materials you will need including administration instructions, assessor guidelines, candidate materials and rating forms.These are designed around a set of generic competencies or can be amended to fit with the specific competencies you wish to assess.

We can also design bespoke exercises, which are specific to your requirements and are for your organisation’s sole use.

Types of Exercises

We have 4 different types of “off the shelf” exercises available.
  • Analysis Exercises – participants review a range of information about a company or scenario and prepare a written report and/or a presentation under strict timescales
  • In-Tray Exercises – participants deal with the contents of an employees “in-tray’ and deal with outstanding items
  • Role Play Exercises – participants prepare for a meeting and then meet with an individual (played by a role-player) to come to an agreement on a specific topic
  • Group Exercises – participants meet as a team and work to achieve a specific objective, these can be assigned or non-assigned role exercises
We provide exercises for 5 levels of staff:
  • Level 1 – Operational – suitable for customer service, sales, administration and call centre staff
  • Level 2 – Graduate – suitable for roles where there is no requirement for significant previous organisational experience
  • Level 3 – First Line Manager – for new or junior managers/ team leaders with limited experience of line management
  • Level 4 – Middle Manager – for managers with experience of people management
  • Level 5 – Senior Manager / Executive – suitable for roles requiring senior experience and understanding of strategic issues

Choosing an Exercise

We can provide advice and support on selecting suitable exercises and how these can be implemented to meet your needs.Just give us a call and we will be pleased to advise you and provide samples of relevant exercises, together with costs.

Why Buy From The Assessment Partnership?

Our exercise authors are all experienced assessors with experience of working in a wide range of industries and job sectors.They have a good understanding of how to maximise the information that can be gained from an assessment exercise in a time efficient manner but still maintain the rigour and accuracy required.

Our exercises have been tested on people in the workplace and candidates so we can be sure they are suitable for the target population and to assess the competencies you are interested in.

All exercises come with full administration instructions, assessor guidelines, candidate materials and rating forms.

We want clients to get the most from using our exercises so we are always happy to spend time talking with you and giving advice on which exercises we believe would meet you needs.

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